My doctor scheduled me for an exam at Diagnostic Radiology Institute. What should I expect upon my arrival?

First - we have a check in time and a scan time. We ask that patients arrive 30 minutes prior to their actual scan or x-ray. When you arrive the receptionist will greet you. We will make a copy of your insurance card and driver's license. If you are a work comp patient we will only ask for your driver's license. You will be given some sheets to fill out with information pertaining to your demographics, medical history and a consent form. If your doctor gave you prior studies, films, or x-rays, we will collect them for our radiologist to review. You will be directed to a waiting room where you will be screened and go over your medical history. If you are having an MRI, you will be asked about certain metals and you may have to remove them. Everything will be locked in a private room and you will take the key with you.

Do you accept my insurance?

We are in almost every insurance plan in the Kansas City area. Some insurances require a precertification number. We will work with your referring physican to obtain that, however it is your responsibility to make sure it is obtained. Some insurances require an authorization from your primary care physician. It is your responsibility to obtain that prior to your exam. Physicians can fax that to us or you can bring it. We will assist you if necessary. Please make sure you bring all insurance information with you.

What about payment?

Some insurances pay 100% others have a deductible or co-pay. We require that you pay your co-pay at the time of service. We also ask that you pay a portion of your deductible if it has not been met. We will bill your insurance company and send you a statement. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Master Card & Visa.

Can I get a copy of my exam?

Patients are given a CD of their examination for their permanent record.

How do I get my exam results?

Your exam will be interpreted by one of our board-certified radiologists. It will be transcribed and finalized. It will then be sent to your referring physician who will go over the results with you.

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